Monday, October 1, 2012

why can't i be optimistic?

why can't i be one of those women who are overly excited about moving to a new state, town, area....a new place in general? i've been making new friends through facebook in the jacksonville area who are currently going through the same thing i am right now. moving from one state to another [florida] and they're all so happy. but i'm not. rather, i'm terrified. i honestly think that norfolk has left that bad of a taste in my mouth.

exhibit A:  what my facebook news feed looks like, and what it may look like to others:

FACEBOOK FRIEND #1:  SOOOOOO excited, the movers are here and then we're off to florida shortly for this new adventure!

FACEBOOK FRIEND #2:  WHOOOOOOOOOOP! getting ready to load the car up and head to florida.

ME:  the movers come in two weeks, i think i am going to lose my lunch and breakfast.

i promise, i try to be as optimistic as i possibly can with the fact that i'm moving away from everyone and everything i've ever known my entire life. some people comment and say how i have nothing to worry about, but it's easier for them to say that than it is me, SOMETIMES. i'll be going from being able to take a day trip to see family to it taking me two days just to get to my family now. it just sucks.

so in the meantime, i needed a place to come share my feelings on it. i'm terrified of moving.

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