Friday, October 19, 2012

everything going wrong. everything.

so yeah, i've been in hiding.
and for good reason.
wednesday, this happened:


the movers came wednesday and packed up our lives. they were supposed to leave with it yesterday to head to florida. but to no surprise, they didn't. instead, we get a phone call telling us that someone along the lines 'messed up' and now it won't be there until tuesday or later. which is cool, i guess. but in the end, this was just the foundation that was laid for the "welcome to PCS mess ups" cake we're about to sit and eat later on tonight.

the movers were horrible. and when i say horrible, i mean it. i tried so hard to be nice to them. we bought the, 24 packs of water and kept them nice and cold in the frisge for them. no thanks were given. i bought $50 in pizzas for their lunch -- no thanks were given. oh, and the best part? the tape rolls they used to tape our boxes, water bottles, and candy wrappers from stuff they ate throughout the day? yeah, they left that on our floors for me to clean up after they left. i mean, seriously? le sigh.

then comes an even better part. we hired on an auto transport company on october 1st to have my husband's car transported from here in norfolk to mayport naval housing. they had a driver all lined up and ready to go for today. yesterday, we found out that they never even had a driver for us. they lied and scammed us. not only that, but they tried to keep the money that we'd paid them for this service. not happening, honey. BBB got a phone call and reviews got wrote up by me, myself and i. luckily, the bank was able to get us our money back. so i guess that's ONE good thing that's happened? unfortunately, now we are starting at the begining again. we're on a list to hopefully get the car transported on time before we leave -- but for now, we are just hoping and praying.

on top of all of this, my husband has some pretty harsh things to deal with family wise. several months ago, we found out that his father has cancer. he went through chemo, etc. and was told everything was shrinking, and that it was looking good. a couple weeks go by, and all of a sudden it's worse than what they'd originally thought. a lot of back and forth trying to figure things out, and it's killing him and i that we're unable to be there personally. and of course, tests and simulations my husband has to pass before we leave to florida -- everything is just making everything so much harder on us right now than it should be. or at least that we thought that it would be. but above all, we just want to be there with his father.

and of course, some other things have popped up. the movers left behind some things of ours, and now we have no idea how to get it to our new home. we don't have the room in my car for it so it looks like we're going to be throwing out things or giving them to people who may need it because they don't know how to do their job.

all in all, i am not looking forward to what else lies ahead of us.

but, in the meantime, we are excited to say that we're adopting another pug once we hit florida soil. her name is mocha, and we're getting her from a woman whose husband is also on the same ship as my husband. we're pretty stoked about it. so, to make matters a little better for myself and possibly the 2.5 readers i may or may not have of this blog -- enjoy a picture of jiggy wearing what he plans to answer the door in for halloween this year in our new home:


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