Wednesday, September 12, 2012

are you going to cry when you move?

for whatever odd reason, ive gotten this question a LOT lately from friends and one or two family members. right now, i'm not sure i will cry. i know i'll have a full blown panic attack on the way TO florida. but other than that, i think i'll be saying goodbye to norfolk with a huge sigh of relief and smile on my face. i'll miss my family and a few choice people in the area - but will i cry? no, just tears of happiness of getting away from this area all together.

but i guess you could say that right now, me and the husband are trying our hardest to focus on the good things that're going to stem from this trip. and yes, i made a list. just for my 1.5 readers.

1. my husband will be on a ship, finally. he's been shore duty the past three [and only] years he's been in the navy so far. this is what he signed up to do. he'll get to travel the world while i'm stuck at home running a business, a household and two adorable pugs.

2. we're adopting a second pug when we get to florida. her name is mocha, and we're completely stoked that jiggy will have a girlfriend now. [no worries, he's fixed.] no bow-chicka-wow-wow time for these two. just cuddles.

3. since the husband and i don't have kids and don't plan on having any kids [my dream is to have a pug farm one day, go on and judge me] we were only able to be placed in a two bedroom, one bathroom house. and these houses are not renovated, so....yeah, ew. but the gods were on our side and we got a phone call last thursday telling us that the two bedroom was no longer available, but they had a three bedroom, two bathroom, renovated unit that is now ours. HALLELUJIAH!

4. we have a garage. an actual garage. can i get another amen?

5. we're getting away from the thousands of women in this area who have nothing better to do than to cause drama and/or arguments. [DISCLAIMER:  not all are bad, i promise. there have just been a choice few i wouldn't tinkle on if i had to go the bathroom and they were on fire.] some of the women, i'm going to miss.

6. hello, fresh start. need i say more?

7. i'm a photographer. and i was worried it would take me months to get my name out and have some business come in. i've already had 12 interests for bookings. HOLLAH!

the biggest of all these is to have a fresh start. i knwo we're facing deployments and underways where my husband will be gone for some time. but at the end of the day, i knew that's what i signed my name on the dotted line to when we got married a year ago.

plus, those who know me best know i decorate the hell out of anything. so having a new canvas in a huge place is going to be pretty badass.

in other news, jiggy is getting more and more brave when it comes to the beach and the water. we took him yesterday late afternoon and had some fun. of course, i took pictures.



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  1. Oh my goodness!!! Jiggy is just too freaking cute! We have yet to take Lady and Roland to the beach, but I imagine when we do it is going to be a huge mess. lol Also I think the day we leave this area may be one of the happiest days of my life! Plus I love FL so I would love to be moving to Mayport! Actually David is going to be there this month and I am very jealous. lol